Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2 Months~Syowai Mae {Alaina Nunez-Child Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photography a beautiful little one named Syowai Mae. Her mama and I are friends so I had been waiting to meet her since I found out Julie (Syowai's mama) was pregnant. When Julie found out her baby #3 was going to be a girl I knew that I would be having a boy (I didn't find out until birth day what my little one was) and I was right! ;) haha Julie's three girls are each a couple months younger than my three boys. Fun little fact for ya!
Thanks Kimani family for letting me capture some memories of your family with my camera, and for letting me hold your little Mae. :)

 Little doll baby
I really love this picture. The little model had to take a nursing break so I asked Julie if I could take some pictures. So glad she said yes. :)
Biggest big sister waiting for daddy and sister.
 Sweet Sisters!
 Kisses for baby sister

 Daddy's love for his daughters is like no other.
I like this one. Not planned, just catching what I saw. :)
 heehee happy girl was all talkative 
 Such sweetness


Beth said...

Love them. Beautiful shots Alaina. What a gorgeous baby girl!

Unknown said...

Thank you Beth!

Ivan D said...

Hi thanks for sharring this