Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obadiah is 1! {Alaina Nunez-Child Photographer}

Do you remember this face?

Little Obadiah, my nephew, was only 9 days old! He wasn't a tiny little guy being 9 pounds 11 ounces at birth, but he seemed so tiny at the time. Such a precious little person!

Here's when he was 6 months.
 I'm flying!
Hello? Is this George?

So now he is a 1 year old! Where did that year go!?! Seriously went by way fast! (I use a lot of exclamation marks! ;0))

For his 1 year shoot we started at their house and then went to the park down the street. We ran out of light pretty quickly but it was fun!
Here are some pictures.

Waiting for Mommy to put his shoes on.

Nancy was sitting in to see if we liked the spot, I think it's a nice one of her.

I like this one, the boys.

 Everyone fly!


 He's got a good face. ;)

Updated family photos

 What a big boy!

Doesn't this one make you say "awwww" Love it!

 It was pretty dark when I got this one, the park lights had come on.

Good by 12 months, Hello 13 months! ;)

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