Friday, August 9, 2013

Corbin Grey {Orange County Newborn Photographer}

There's a new little one in town, and his name is Corbin Grey. 

He was not so little actually, being 9 pounds 11 ounces at birth! But he's a little sweety and has an awesome family with a big sister (little mama) and a couple big brothers who will watch out for him. His parents are also a talented couple with Kristen his mama being the creator and owner of Vessel Handmade and his daddy Steven the photographer of Steven Murphy Pro Photography.

I had asked Kristen before Corbin showed his face to the world what type of newborn session she would like. She opted for a more lifestyle photo shoot which I was totally happy and excited about. 
So at 8 days old I got to meet little man and he was just precious.

I think she's in love. I mean how can you not be to a precious little God given miracle.

So Kristen and Steven had bought this awesome couch just for the photo shoot. haha just kidding, they found them for a great deal though and of course they were perfect for Corbin's lifestyle session. :)
After some time in the living room we spent a little time in Corbin's room. And yes Kristen made those clouds and raindrops. I love the colors!

Listening to his mama and talking to her.

An almost smile.

Thank you Murphy family for allowing me to capture memories of your newest little one with my camera!


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