Saturday, April 19, 2014

Makayla Lynn - {Alaina Nunez} Whittier Newborn Photographer

Their baby girl is here! Little Makayla Lynn! You might remember Amy's maternity session that I posted about here. You also might remember that Amy and I have been friend's since Jr high school so I'm always excited to hear when my childhood friends are having children (friends for my kids!). 

Makayla was awake at the beginning of her session but after a couple nursing breaks she was out. She was even still asleep when I left.

Such a sweet little angel baby!

Purdy little lips

I loved the way she was holding her feet while I was getting the ring shots. 

I think she was having some lovely dreams.

She smiled for her Mama! 


"Oh Daddy, you're so funny!"

Drew wrote a poem for his baby girl that I think is so sweet. 

We thought our life was complete, until you showed up with those small little feet.
Our hearts we thought fulfilled, then you showed up and we were thrilled.
Your eyes so light and as big as the moon, your smile so bright it lights up the room.
Your nose so round and eyes so blue, your toes surround our love for you.
So sweet and so small, there is no feat that we can recall, that we won't go through for you,
Daughter, Mommy & Daddy love you!
J.D. Maxwell

Joseph is super excited about having a baby sister but like most 2 year olds', he's still trying to figure out why this playdate buddy hasn't left yet. 

Whatcha guys doing?

Kiss for Mommy...

Kiss for Daddy...

and kiss for Makayla!

And one more kiss for sister because she's just so kissable! 

These two will be running around together before we know it! I can just see Joseph acting silly and Makayla getting a kick out of her big brother because she'll think he's the best thing in the world. Yep, homemade buddies!

Thanks Maxwell's for having me over and letting me capture your baby girl's tiny little features and your family memories with my camera!


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