Monday, April 28, 2014

Waiting on Emma Grace {Orange County Maternity and Newborn Photography}

Shannon is a fellow homeschooling nature loving mama friend of mine. We get together regularly with other friends to take our kids on nature walks and explore together because you know, mountain lions don't like a lot of noise and with a group of kids and moms we're less likely to have an encounter. haha {kind of but not really kidding}
But this pretty mama was expecting her third little one so we met one Saturday morning at a trail and took some portraits to document this moment.

We actually had to re-schedule this shoot because you know, the one weekend there was a downpour here in southern California was the weekend we were going to do her maternity session.

Big sister so excited to have a baby sister to play dress up with!
 Ok so doesn't she look amazing for being 38 weeks pregnant!?! She was feeling pretty uncomfortable but she does pregnancy well!

For the most part I stay away from shooting in direct sunlight but I saw this spot and in my head I thought it could work. This was about 10:30 in the morning. I really love the shadows in this set, especially this one!

 Big brother said he doesn't like his picture taken but I told him it was for his baby sister, so like any good big brother he gave her a hug and smiled. 

And now you get to meet sweet baby Emma!

 Hello little one!
 She was not amused! haha
 Oh so sleepy!

 Love fuzzy baby hair!

 So sweet!

 Little smirk.

 These ones with her mama are just the sweetest!

She is a very loved little one. Her brother and sister think she is the cutest and kept wanting to hug and kiss her throughout her session. Isn't that so sweet!?

You are very loved Emma Grace!


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