Friday, December 18, 2015

Our Christmas Pictures - La Habra Family Photographer

I told my husband the other day that I decided we'll just send out New Years cards and he asked if I had a picture that I thought would be good to use for a card. Well sure, I have pictures but not a family picture.
So we headed out to a local park on his one day off that he had this week (yesterday) and took some updated pictures.

 I won't post the pictures that I used for our card, don't want to spoil it!
 While I was taking individual images of the kids I had asked them to tell me a joke. This is their thinking face... except Blake, this is his cheese face. I love his composer hair!
 Charlotte was all into sticks and leaves.

 My in-laws met us with their dog that the kids totally love.

 When you take a guy picture you have to take a serious one. haha 
When we got home I put Charlotte by the tree. She is definitely a gift! :)

I hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTmas!

Many Blessings,

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