Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Santa Claus {Alaina Nunez- Orange County Photographer}

The Santa Sessions were a hit! I loved seeing all the kids with their star struck expressions.

Some of the mom's didn't tell their kids they would be visiting with Santa that day, other's, their kids came with letters or lists for Santa.

Here is a preview of the day.

 Santa loves to read.

 haha Santa, you're so funny. ;)

Little one wasn't having it, big brother to the rescue, Santa trying to get everyone happy "yay!!!" and the little man on the left... perfectly posed. Yep, this is a keeper! haha

Little one decided that Santa wasn't so bad, after all, he does bring goodies!

Santa loves to sing.

Sadly, we did not raise enough for a fresh water well but we will be able to help provide clean water with the money we were able to raise.

I want to thank you (those who booked a session) for supporting our efforts in providing clean water!


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