Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Camera Basics and Creative Fun - workshop {Alaina Nunez - Southern California Photographer}

Do you have a camera and wish you really knew how to use it? Like how to adjust the settings when it comes to freezing those action shots? Or, you might get a great landscape shot but don't know how to adjust so that the faces that you wanted to see aren't covered in shadows? 

I have always been the family photographer ever since I was young. I loved taking pictures and catching the non-posed (and sometimes posed) silly and serious moments that happened on a fairly regular basis. Then after getting married and having our own children it drove me to want to document our daily life, their sweet contemplative faces, the messy house that we call home and make memories in and the joy of play.

If you love...
                    *Capturing the unnoticed moments.
                    *Documenting your family.
                    *Freezing memories.

Than this class is for you!

The Camera Basics and Creative Fun workshop is 
*all on-line so you can work on your assignments/exercises when it's convenient for you.
*4 weeks long so you have 1 week to read the lesson, do the assignments.
*Private group to ask any questions during the length of the class.
*each lesson is a downloadable PDF for you to print and keep for easy reference.

The next class begins February 3rd so make sure to sign up soon! Investment: $125

Need a little more 1 on 1 time? I'm a visual and hands on learner myself so I have 1 on 1's available as well!

And right now if you sign up for a 1 on 1 for the month of January you'll automatically be enrolled in the February on-line workshop (savings of $125!).

What does a 1 on 1 entail? Us meeting on a day that works for our schedules for about 4 hours and I'll explain a few technical things, help you find your settings and why and how to change them on your camera and then we'll go practice so you can get immediate feedback and tips.
Investment: $250

Ready to enroll? Email me at 

Can't wait to hear from you!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Fall Family Portrait Sessions {Alaina Nunez - southern California photographer}

Can you believe Christmas is next week? I actually just did some (online) shopping last night and that was the first of our Christmas shopping this year.

I've actually been quite busy this fall/winter season with family sessions (and a newborn session mixed in there) and have been enjoying it very much! I've met new families and hugged returning families from past years. I think that is one of my favorite things about having a photography business; that is, getting to hangout with old and new friends and then of course seeing how happy they are after I deliver their session memories.

Since I haven't been able to blog I am sharing a little peak into the family sessions that I did this past October and November, the newborn session of sweet baby Paul is HERE.

Quick note: Why it's important to print your pictures... my black and whites look brown and white on my blog (for some odd reason) but in print they are black and white... please print your memories!

I have to tell you, this was actually a test shot while mom and dad were setting up the kids and it's one of my favorites from their session. Just look at those sweet faces! :)

I love when my clients bring items that are important to them or that they make for their sessions.
She was enjoying a little snack and some cuddles with her mama while we were walking to our next location.
It's always important to me to make sure that mom and dad get a few minutes just the two of them (well, with me taking their picture) during all my sessions.

I love how happy these boys were when it was time to take a picture with their mom. So sweet!

This one always makes me laugh. We were done and walking away and just look at that happy doggy! haha

As you can probably tell, some of my favorites are the non-posed and the in between moments.

I hope you're all enjoying this season of Joy and extra cuddle time with your loved ones, especially on those rainy days that we've had lately!


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P.S. Keep an eye out for a class announcement coming soon!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Baby Paul - 16 Days New {Alaina Nunez - Southern California Newborn Photographer}

Last week I was able to visit with my friends while photographing their newest little family member. I love photographing my friends babies because I get to hang out with them for a few hours and cuddle the little gift and then I'm able to capture such sweet memories for them.

Little Paul was wide awake most of his session but once he was well fed and I wrapped him, he was totally out. 

I love everything about this shot.

 Abby totally loves her baby brother! When I got to their house she grabbed my hand and walked me over to her brother to introduce me to him. :)

 I love baby toes!
 And their yawns!

 I like this little behind-the-scenes shot. :)

 Paul was named after his Great Grandpa.

 Little smile, he must have been having sweet dreams.

Thank you McCulloch family for letting me capture this special time for you and letting me cuddle your little man!