Friday, October 26, 2012

Tomorrow... What's happening tomorrow?

Tomorrow is the 2nd Annual Fall Boutique and Fundraiser! So what will you see at this boutique?

If you come from 10am-11am, for $1 each you'll be able to enjoy some warm pumpkin spice pancakes topped with maple syrup or if you prefer whip cream. Then make sure to get a freshly brewed cup of coffee to sip on while you look around at all the unique items that will be at the vendors tables. You'll see leather clutches, vinyl nail decals, a variety of handcrafted jewelry, hair bows, tutus, makeup and skin care products.

If you come between 12pm and 3pm or just stay a bit longer after breakfast and shopping, you'll be able to take some fun and funky pictures in our photo booth!

Make sure to get your raffle tickets which are $1 each or you can get 6 for $5. All the vendors have generously donated one of their great products for the raffle!

All proceeds from the raffle sales and the bake sale will be used to purchase a gift from the World Vision Gift Catalog. Last year we were able to purchase a few animals like a sheep for the purpose of providing milk and wool and also a supply of life saving medicines that was multiplied 10 times.

Don't forget to pick up homemade cookies or a mini pumpkin bread loaf at the baked goods table for the road!

See you there!

Boutique: Business Highlight {Allie Cat Designs}

Today I would like to introduce you to one more business that you'll be able to check out at the Fall Boutique tomorrow. 

Meet Antonia with,

Tell me a little bit about yourself and Allie Cat Designs.
I'm Antonia and a stay at home, homeschooling Mommy of two. I am the owner of Allie Cat Designs who I named after my daughter, Alison. I wanted to make tutus that actually fit my baby girl in colors that you don't typically find on baby tutus. Pink is cute, but sometimes you just want something else. I received so many compliments on my tutus that I made I finally decided to start my own business selling custom tutus. My first tutu was to support my husband's NFL team, the Washington Redskins.

Tell me about some of your products, which are your favorites?
I have since started making hair bows as well. As much as I love making hair bows, the tutus are by far my favorite thing to make. Their only little for so long, I'm going to let my daughter dress up as much as she wants to for as long as she wants to. It won't be long before she thinks tutus just aren't cool.

What are your goals for Allie Cat Designs?
My goal for Allie Cat Designs is just to make a little extra money to spend on my kids doing the fun things: field trips, museums, amusement parks, swimming, baseball, and all the little extras that just make life fun and interesting.

Where do we look to find your products?
You can find my products on or

Here is a small sample of what Antonia can make, and her little one who was the inspiration for her business. I love the colors on the Autumn Princess tutu!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Boutique: Business Highlight {Mary Kay Business Consultant}

The boutique is in just 3 more days! I'm so excited (I'm sure you could tell) to meet everyone who stops by, to eat some yummy pumpkin spice pancakes and to get my Christmas shopping done!

Today I'm going to introduce you to Yolanda with Mary Kay!

So tell me a little bit about yourself.
My Name is Yolanda Lupo and I am an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. I specialize in Color Cosmetics and Skin Care products for all Ages and Concerns.

Tell me about your business.

I started my business 2 years ago. I love representing a company who's philosophy is Faith First, Family Second and Career Third.

What are your goals for your business?
My goals with my business is to help you Love the skin you're in. And, to be able to be a full time stay at home mom and consultant.
This company is intended to help women to be able to dream big and achieve any goals they dare to dream.
I plan to be a director in the next year and to do that I will be searching for those women who want a little something more out of life. Money isn't everything and doesn't buy happiness. But, it does give you options and makes life a little easier.

Which products are your favorite?

My favorite products are the Microderm Abrasion Set, The New Time Wise Repair Line which is intended for women over 50 but since I never want to look over 50, I am sporting it now. lol
And, the new Lash and Brow Serum Grower, and our Mascaras. Oh and the Oil Free Eye Make up Remover. 
I could go on and on. I love all the products:)

Where do we look to find your products?

Come to my table and try before you buy:)
Or just to ask about skin care concerns or about becoming a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.

I might add that the Satin Hand Scrub is pretty great as well! :) 
Make sure to come by and see Yolanda with Mary Kay and also, Long Changed, Jubilee's Jewels, Periwinkle Poste, Vessel Handmade and Nature Mamma Handmade on Saturday at the Fall Boutique from 10am-4pm.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boutique: Business Highlight {Nature Mamma Handmade}

It's Wednesday, which means I'm highlighting another business mama who you will get to meet at the Fall Boutique next Saturday (the 27th).

If you've missed the previous business highlights make sure to check out Jubilee's Jewels, Long Changed, Periwinkle Poste and Vessel Handmade.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Gaby at,

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls, I'm married to the best guitar player in the world who disguises himself as an accountant during the weekdays and becomes a rock star on the weekends ;) just don't tell anyone hehe. 
I was born and raised in Guatemala City and for many years did a lot of missionary work traveling all over Central America and Mexico. I love Jesus, 
singing, acting, drawing  and of course crocheting! 

Tell me about Nature Mamma Handmade.
Nature mamma Handmade is my (mainly) crochet shop. I love to create unique crochet pieces for all ages. I enjoy working with different types of yarn varying in texture, colors and thickness. 
How did you come up with the idea to start Nature Mamma Handmade?
I didn't really plan on having a home based business, it sort of just happened! I started crocheting when I was about 9 years old and stopped doing it for a long time. One day I made a hat for my godson, someone saw it and ask me to make one for her son. Soon I was making hats for neighbors, friends, and eventually I started to sell them. About the name, I just simply love nature and all of God's creation and of course, I am a Mamma so I decided to put it all together and that's how I got my shop's name. Nothing fancy lol. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Mainly from my children, but also from my imagination. Most of the time when I have a special order (which by the way are my favorites!) I kind of draw it in my head first, then try to put it on paper and then crochet it! 

Tell me about some of your products.
Which are your favorites?
I really enjoy making custom orders. The crazier and more challenging the idea the better! I mainly make hats for kids but I also make them for adults. Blankets, sleepers, vests, photo props and anything than can be created with yarn and a hook is my specialty. I love that the possibilities are endless. 

What are your goals for Nature Mamma Handmade? 
I love creating hats and photo props but I would like to dedicate my time to designing more crochet patterns. I currently only have one for sale and there are many others that I haven't been able to finish. So my main goal with my shop would be to create and put up for sale more of my unique pattern designs. So once I can set up my store as a pattern store and custom orders only, I will have time for my other passions. Those being, helping others and creating an organization dedicated to making unique crochet and knitted hats and blankets for cancer patients and preemies as well as homeless kids and teens. 

Where do we look to find your products? 
You can find my products online on my facebook page: (
I only do a couple of selecte boutiques  a year and Simply Sweet Moments Photography's fall boutique is one of them. 

I have to tell you, I recently asked Gaby to make a panda hat for my daughter's 7th birthday (she is so in to pandas right now) and it turned out so ridiculously cute! She even made a flower for it! Needless to say my daughter loved it and has tried to sleep with it on numerous times. haha

Here are just a few more examples of Gaby's creations.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Reagan Marie {Alaina Nunez-Newborn Photographer}

I was privileged to photograph little Reagan at 1 week old. Her mama and I were neighbors throughout high school and she's still neighbors with my parents. So I was able to see little Reagan growing bigger as her mama's belly grew bigger as she went a week past her due date. Though Miss Reagan obviously needed a bit more time to bake because she was just barely 7 pounds when she was born.
She is such a beautiful baby and has a ton of hair! She also slept the whole time and loved being wrapped up and I think she truly enjoyed her photography experience. ;) heehee

Meet Reagan Marie!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Xander and His Cake {Alaina Nunez-Child Photographer}

I had the privilege of taking little Xander's 1 year pictures with his beautiful family last weekend. His mama called (text, because we're mom's with little ones) me and wanted to know if I'd be able to take Xander's pictures. I asked her what she had in mind, throwing out some ideas and cake smash was on the mind. Yay! This was my first cake smash session and it was so much fun!

So here is the Fileto family!

heehee such a classic shot! Definitely a favorite of mine. :)
Happy little man.

Sweet face

Another fave!
Doesn't it look like they're playing thumb war? They're totally not, Xander was sharing his grass with his big brother. :)

heehee little teeth!

Happy 1st Birthday little man!

Boutique: Business Highlight {Vessel Handmade}

So the Fall Boutique is in 2 1/2 weeks! 
Did you catch the last 3 businesses that were highlighted the past few Wednesday's? Make sure you read about Jubilee's Jewels, Long Changed and Periwinkle Poste!

Today I would like to introduce you to Kristen who is the designer and creator of,

Tell me a little bit about yourself: 
I am a wife and a mommy who homeschools, foster parents, sews and drinks way too much coffee (to keep me going of course). I am a believer and servant of Jesus Christ. I love to cook, craft, and live life...all while blogging about it along the way.

Tell me about Vessel Handmade:
Vessel Handmade is a newly branded handmade business founded in Orange County, CA. A crafty mamas dream turned reality. Pulling from her love of sewing and creating, Kristen started the business in hopes of being home with her babies and with an excuse to sit behind her sewing machine all day. Since her hands weren't full enough with two kids in tow and a emerging business, she started a blog. Over at the Vessel blog you can find tutorials and recipes. But mostly just a homeschooling, coffee drinking, business running mama's day to day adventures. 

How did you come up with the idea to start Vessel Handmade?

Vessel Handmade originated as Rock-A-Bow, a hairbow and tutu company inspired by the new little girls around. As I began to teach myself to sew, the looks of the business slowly changed. It became a stitched boutique serving women and children alike. It was time for new branding. After praying long and hard, God reminded me that this business and my blog were a way for me to serve as His vessel. In that moment I knew where I was headed and Vessel Handmade was born. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

All over the place. My inspiration comes from my kids, from new trends, from my friends. I am constantly being inspired to create new and fresh designs. 

Tell me about some of your products: 

The hottest products in the shop right now are the always popular artfolio, a fun little art accessory with a hard service that everyone seems to enjoy, and the newer genuine leather clutches. Our clutches are currently being sold in a few high end boutiques and salons in Orange County.

Which are your favorites? 

My favorites are always changing. Right now I am loving our purses. I have been offering little girl bags for a while and LOVE them. I recently released a leather and canvas duo bag that I can't get enough of.

What are your goals for Vessel Handmade? 

The business started as a creative outlet to bring in a little extra cash. Just like everything else in this little biz, that has gradually morphed. Vessel's goal is to continue providing enough income that I can stay home with my kids and foster babes. 

Where do we look to find your products? 

Like I mentioned before we are located in a few boutiques and salons, the most local one is Pink Laundry which is located in Newport and Villa Park. You can also see us hopping around the handmade market circle. And of course you can always find us at

Here are a few samples of what you will find at Vessel Handmade's table. 

My boys each have their own crayon roll and they're perfect for keeping in their backpacks. Half the fun is unrolling and rolling back up the roll. :)