Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Super {end of} Summer Deal! - Black Friday Deal

Think of this as my Black Friday deal of the year!

That's right for just $60 you can have professional portraits for your memories, and you know what the best part is (besides having updated portraits of course)??? I will turn your $60 into a print credit! So whether you want to purchase prints or digital images you already have $60 to spend!

These short sessions are great for Back-to-School, Head Shots, capturing your little ones in their Costumes, High School/College Seniors, or Family Portraits.

These sessions are not to be used in place of a newborn session (I can't do in 15 minutes what I normally take 2 hours to do, it just wouldn't be fair to you).

If you want to do Extended Family Portraits you will need to book 2 spots or more.

The $60 needs to be received to reserve your session date and time.

There are a limited number of session times so make sure you book soon!


Can't wait to hear from you!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fall Mini Session Special

So here it is! The Fall Mini Session Special!

A few extra details:
These can take place in an agreed upon location no more than 20 miles from zip code 90631.
A $50 non-refundable retain must be received by Thursday, August 28th for you to lock in your mini session at this price.
Mini sessions cannot be used for a newborn session.

Also, don't forget that I offer gift certificates! It's a great gift to go in on with a few friends for that expecting mama friend in your life. I know strollers are great but the gift of beautiful portraits is priceless and there's just this short window of time to capture those tiny features.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Emma - 4 Days New{born} - Alaina Nunez, Whittier Newborn Photographer

You might have seen the blog post of Emma's birth (my niece) but if you haven't you can see it here. Four days after Emma decided to make her grand entrance I went over to do her newborn portraits. 

 I love that she naturally wanted to lay like a little froggy!

 Her perdy long lashes!
 Emma smiled at least 3 times during her session but the other two times I was holding or wrapping her so I didn't catch them. I like how you can see her smile profile though.
 Little lady has sooo much hair!

 She liked this blanket, she wanted to nuzzle into it. :)

 Good morning sunshine!

 I used one of the flowers from Nancy's baby shower to make a little headband for Emma. :)

If you'd like to book a newborn session for your littlest one send me an email and we'll get the planning started. 



Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Emma Grace - A Birth Story {Alaina Nunez - Birth Photographer}

I'm so incredibly honored that I was invited to capture my niece's (or maybe nephew's, it wasn't confirmed during the ultrasounds) birth! Nancy went into labor sometime between 2 and 3 in the morning of May 24th and I received text messages that I woke up to at 6:20am from David saying it was the real deal. This was 1 week before Nancy's due date so I was expecting to get the call. I got to the hospital just after 7am and Nancy was doing really well. We were talking and laughing so of course I had to capture her laughing during labor.

 Entertaining themselves while we waited... haha
 David figured he'd get a quick nap before push time since they were up most of the night. 
 The Doctor came in and checked Nancy around 11:25 and broke her water at that time. She said that Nancy was 8, almost 9cm dialated at that time. The nurse who was attending was surprised that Nancy was that close because the contractions didn't seem that close together (at least on the monitor). 

 David calling the nurse... Nancy was ready to push.
 2 pushes and little Miss made her appearance at 12:06pm!
Happy Daddy!
 Nancy seeing her baby girl for the first time.

Precious baby Girl!

 She came out hungry and she let her mama know it! "Mama you haven't had breakfast yet, I'm hungry!"

 2 pounds and 2 ounces less than her biggest brother!

So tiny, so beautiful, so perfect... Such a blessing and perfect gift from our Heavenly Father!

Next up, Emma's newborn session...


Are you interested in having me capture the birth story of your little one? Make sure you contact me in your first or second trimester as I only take a limited number of births a year. You can find me at:

Can't wait to meet you and capture your story!