Saturday, June 14, 2014

Emma - 4 Days New{born} - Alaina Nunez, Whittier Newborn Photographer

You might have seen the blog post of Emma's birth (my niece) but if you haven't you can see it here. Four days after Emma decided to make her grand entrance I went over to do her newborn portraits. 

 I love that she naturally wanted to lay like a little froggy!

 Her perdy long lashes!
 Emma smiled at least 3 times during her session but the other two times I was holding or wrapping her so I didn't catch them. I like how you can see her smile profile though.
 Little lady has sooo much hair!

 She liked this blanket, she wanted to nuzzle into it. :)

 Good morning sunshine!

 I used one of the flowers from Nancy's baby shower to make a little headband for Emma. :)

If you'd like to book a newborn session for your littlest one send me an email and we'll get the planning started. 




Becca Rillo said...

What a beautiful little girl! I love her serious faces :)

Stephanie Overstreet said...

Beautiful baby! I love all the little details!

The Ruths said...

Cute, cute, cutems!! Good job, auntie Alaina, on capturing this precious age on film.