Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tips for Photographing your Everyday {Alaina Nunez - Visual Storyteller}

I am a little less than 6 weeks away from my due date. I'm at the point where I'm feeling, pregnant. haha. I have to take it easy, I move slower and a bit sore and really just waiting until I'm 37 weeks pregnant because that's when I'm not worried about having my baby too soon and I'm feeling overall better. Those last weeks that bring a burst of energy is God's grace before the big show. :)

Today I wanted to give you some tips on photographing your everyday, because those are such fun moments. They are the things that are sometimes taken for granted.

Sometimes we look around and think, this is just normal, nothing extraordinary. That's why number 1 is...

1. Look for the details. Instead of focusing on the big picture, pick one thing about your child that you think, "I don't want to forget that." Their little chubby toes, sweet dimples, adoring eyes, how they carry their stuffed animal, the list is endless.

2. Slow down. It's good to be in the moment and participate but it's also nice to just take a step back and see the moments. It really does give you more of an appreciation for them and the opportunity to watch sweet sibling interactions.

3. Sit down. This changes your point of view or your perspective. Things look different, fun hiding places are more visible and the beautiful sky out the window is your view instead of the neighbors front yard. The added bonus is a sweet little person will most likely sit down next to you or maybe even on your lap.

They posed themselves and I didn't say "hey guys get on your super hero stuff so I can take a picture!" Nope! They did all that and the posing on their own. They do that stuff even when I'm not holding my camera. :)

4. Use the timer. Why not? It's a nice little feature on your camera and you'll get a kick out of the 10 or so images that you actually get to be in with your children.

Don't look at the previews until you've finished taking 10 pictures with your children. I set my timer for 10 seconds.

Side note: As you can see we're in the process of organizing before our precious baby girl joins this fun bunch.

5. Take a Break. There's always "stuff" that needs to get done. Those dishes will still be staring at you and that pile of laundry will constantly be growing and shrinking but today is a perfect day to pull out your camera and take a break.
This trail is about 5 minutes from us and at the end of our walk I had the kids race to me. Being outside makes everyone happy and then you end up with children that say "mom take our picture!" like this...
or with a little one like this...

I hope this has inspired you to pull out your camera or even your camera phone and take more every day, ordinary, extraordinary photos!

If you would like to learn how to use your DSLR camera I offer an E-Course Workshop that will teach you how to use your camera and how to capture images creatively. You can read more about the Camera Basics and Creative Fun Workshop HERE.

E-mail me at if you'd like to sign up or if you have any questions!


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