Friday, July 3, 2015

8 Days New Miss Madisyn {La Habra Newborn Photographer}

**I really love this career of capturing such fleeting moments that need to be remembered.**

Newborn sessions are one of my favorite! I love to see all the different personalities of my wee little clients.

Little Madisyn came over for her mini newborn session and was nice and awake at the beginning but totally calm and content watching me move around and take her picture.

 After watching me work for a time, little Madisyn decided that finishing her bottle would be good which made her nice and sleepy.
 And of course I have to get some images with mom and dad with their precious little love which are always some of my favorite!
Fun bit of info, Madisyn's daddy Daniel, use to work with my husband and I.
I told Daniel for her 1 year pictures we need to re-create the picture of Madisyn cradled in his arms like this one.
And the newborn stretch with mama's!

Thank you Holland family for allowing me to capture such sweet memories for you!


What is a Mini Newborn Session? It's not like a regular mini session that are 20-30 minutes. Newborn sessions regularly take 2-3 hours and I travel to my client's home (the Ultimate Newborn Session). The Mini Newborn is a 1 hour posed newborn session at my home studio in La Habra.
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