Monday, October 26, 2015

The Future of Simply Sweet Moments Photography

I'm excited to announce, starting next year I will be changing my photography name to Alaina Nunez Photography! I still love Simply Sweet Moments because I feel it embodies how I feel about the moments that I capture of my clients, friends and family during our sessions together. 

So the reason behind the name change? Well, there are a few but I think the number one reason is, when people see my photography name on an image, I want them to know who the photographer is behind the name. When I see an image and think "Wow what a great shot!" and see the name is "Some Lovely Name - Photography" I'm always left thinking, "I wonder who the photographer is?" Not that anything is wrong with using another name besides your name, it's perfectly fine actually. I just I love getting to know my clients so I can provide them with a personalized experience as much as possible. I think it helps me create beautiful memories that are about them and not just pretty pictures that have nothing to do with who they are. I like the creating pictures that truly capture the person. I also don't want to be some stranger behind the camera. I want everyone who trusts me with documenting their memories to be comfortable and confident that they will be taken care of.

I use to have 3 blogs! Yes 3! One for my family (I still have it but don't post on it all that much), one for my Simply Sweet Moments families and one for couples and weddings. I want to have everything in one spot! I want to be a good steward of my time and provide the best service I possibly can to all my photography families.

I will also be offering more Family Photo Walks and Camera Basics workshops and classes, as well as Motherhood Memories sessions; which will be better suited under Alaina Nunez Photography.

So that is what I'm looking forward to in 2016 and I wanted to share the news with you! What do you think?

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