Monday, July 2, 2012

End Endo Pain for a Dear Friend

I recently learned that a dear friend of mine, a friend that I've known since Jr high has been dealing with the pain of endometriosis for quite some time now. Rachel (my friend) has been unable to obtain insurance since she has this pre-existing condition. 

There is a fundraiser going on to help Rachel pay for a laparoscopic surgery to remove the endometrial tissue from the places it should not be growing, which is what causes so much pain. Originally the amount needed was $23,000 but has since been lowered to $16,000! God is good! You can check out the fundraiser page and all the updates going on here

So why am I telling you all about this? I would like to help Rachel reach her fundraiser goal and get the surgery that would help her not have to deal with severe pain.

Here's where you come in! 

You could help by booking a 30 minute family mini session for $80 from July 3rd-July 21st and 80% of that will go to help Rachel reach her fundraising goal and get the surgery she needs. The sessions have to take place between July 3rd and July 21st and will be in a local, outdoor location (La Habra). Prepayment is required to reserve your session time. 
You will receive your proof disc from the session (w/approx. 15 images) and 5 prints of your choice in either wallets, 5x7's or 8x10's.

There's also a garage sale to help raise funds which is mentioned on the fundraising page. Make sure to check it out and help if you can.

You can hear Rachel's story here.

Thank you!

Phone: (562) 400-2579


The Ruths said...

Alaina, what a beautiful, encouraging post! And so generous to help with the fundraiser through your photography business. By the way, you are very talented with a lens - such precious moments captured so well! Hope you're super busy with sessions this week. ;-)

R.A. said...

WOW! No one told me about this and since I'm not on Facebook anymore I had no idea until today. Alaina, that is WAY TOO NICE! Thank you! I'm totally blessed and humbled by this. Thank you!