Friday, February 1, 2013

Lissandra is 1! {Alaina Nunez - Child Photographer}

Do you remember this precious little one that I was able to capture within her first 2 weeks? Miss Lissandra slept her whole newborn session and was just the sweetest little thing.

Well, Little Miss just turned 1 year old, so it was time for her 1 year session (I love having Baby Plan babes!). Her mama and I corresponded back and forth to figure out what would be the best place for the pictures that she had in mind. I think we found a perfect fit!

Meet 1 year old Lissandra!

Her adoring big brother and sister!

The Alamilla family is truly a joy to be around. :)

This was the first time she sat still for the session. She liked the chair!

Oh, sweet beautiful girl...

Her mama bought some treats while we were there.

What a good idea her mama had with bringing along some horns! Cute!

Haha I think she enjoyed her cupcake. ;)

All done!

Thank you Alamilla family! It's always a pleasure being with you guys. :)

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