Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hiatt Family-Chase the Star {Alaina Nunez-Lifestyle photographer}

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the Hiatt family. Actually Barbara was going to set up a session with me last year but dates didn't work out and life just keeps going. So she contacted me recently about needing some pictures for her blog (that you must check out you DIYers) Chase the Star and I suggested we do a family lifestyle shoot. 
The poor family had been sick all the weekend before and a good portion of the week, so we did a shorter session. They were great though! 
Mike and Barbara have a wonderful love and respect for each other and are doing a great job (in my honest opinion) raising a couple of sweet boys.

Meet the Hiatt family!

Some action shots for the boys

Abby was feeling left out

The woman behind Chase the Star
Such a photographic family! Even Abby stopped to pose for me. haha 

 Mike and Barbara's special tree. ;) cute!
Barbara and I went back inside and I saw a bunch of things that she re-did or put her special touch on just in the dinning room alone. Barbara I'm going to be calling on you when I start my next home projects. ;)
 Back outside with the boys for a few more shots.
 Family memories!
 They have a great view!

Thank you Hiatt family for letting me hang out with you all and capture your family together!

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