Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Miss Everly - Newborn Session

Meet Miss Everly!

Baby #3 and 2nd little girl of the family, she's already opinionated and super aware of her surroundings.
She did not like her feet or arms tucked in. Whenever I would try to wrap her she would totally stretch and complain. I told her I got it, she already left her cramped quarters and needs to stretch any chance she gets. :)

I hear you!

Everly wasn't going to sleep in the basket that I had all soft and cozy for her so her mama got her dressed and soothed her and then she was out. Look at this beautiful peaceful face!

Big yawn!
"Wow that was hard work!"
I love that those were 3 consecutive shots.
Adoring big brother...
Mom checking dad's job on hair
I really love this shot and the story it tells. :)

Updated family photo!

Kaiden is such a sweet little guy (big brother). He told me right when I got there that he was going to hold Everly for some pictures. :)

I think some of my favorite shots to take are of the mama with her newborn. Maybe it's because the mom still has that "pregnancy" glow, or because of the joy she feels after carrying her baby for 9 months and now finally able to hold her long awaited gift in her arms.

This face... She's just so precious!

So sweet!
 Since Everly was pretty out we decided to take a few more shot of just her in her darling little outfit.

 Doesn't she have the daintiest fingers.

Those lips!

Right after this shot her eyes popped open and she had this looked like, "time's up lady!" haha
Sweet baby girl!
Thank you Hart family for letting me spend the morning with you and cuddle you baby girl!



Summer said...

Awe so sweet! Love all the details.

Taylor Sheuerman said...

Oh my gosh, so precious! Those little toes and those super cute pursed lips are the best!!